SAPUI5/Fiori Training 

Course Description:

SAPUI5 Overview:

  • Overview of SAPUI5
  • Difference between Webdynpro and ui5
  • Architecture of SAPUI5
  • Overview on MVC model
  • Overview on End to End Data flow

Introduction to SAPUI5 IDE (Eclipse)

  • Overview about IDE
  • Installing and adding sapui5 plugin , adding server(tomcat)
  • Exercise Creating a Sample project

Introduction to View & Controllers

  • Creating a view
  • Understanding the view’s Controller
  • Understanding the Controller’s Hook methods
  • Exercise on Creating a sample view and Implementing controller methods

Working with various properties of basic UI elements

  • Working with different properties of basic UI elements
  • Dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements
  • Exercise on Dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements

Navigation between the Pages

  • Over view on navigation
  • Introduction to sap.m.App
  • Adding pages to the App
  • Exercise on Navigation between the pages

Introduction to Different Layouts

  • What is a Layout
  • Various Layouts in SAP UI5
  • Working with Simple form layout , Matrix layout , Grid Layouts
  • Exercise on Creating a Form Using various layouts

Validating the User Input 

  • Types of Validation
  • Exercise on Mandatory data validation
  • Exercise on valid data validation (like.. email, phone number , pin code)
  • Exercise on Showing red color input field and error messages.

Message Handling

  • Various types of Messages in SAP UI5
  • Showing Error, SUCCESS, Warning , Information Messages
  • Exercise on Showing various messages in SPA UI5

Passing data from one view to other

  • Different ways of passing data from one view to other
  • Passing the data by sap.ui.core
  • Exercise on Passing data from one view to other

Playing with Different UI Elements

  • Overview on different Categories of UI elements like (simple, value holders, complex, layouts, dialog etc ..)
  • Reading data and setting data to the UI elements
  • Exercise on Working with various UI elements

Different Kinds of Models

  • JSON Model
  • OData Model
  • XML Model
  • Resource Model
  • Working with JSON Model to pass the data from one view to other.


  • Understanding the Binding Concept
  • Binding the UI elements with model
  • Exercise on Binding the UI elements with Model

Communicating with SAP back end system Using OData Service

  • Creating OData Model to communicate with OData service
  • Pulling and submitting data with Backend system using OData service
  • Performing the CRUD Operations(create, read, update, delete)
  • Exercise on CRUD operations using OData service

Split App Application

  • What is Split App
  • Creating a Split APP Application by consuming ODATA service

Introduction to WEBIDE

  • Creating Account in Han trial
  • Features of WEBIDE
  • Creating Simple Application in WEBIDE
  • Consuming ODATA services in WEBIDE
  • Creating a Split APP Application in WEBIDE

Working with Popup Dialogs

  • Creating a popup dialog
  • Exercise on Messages and Dialogs

Introduction to SAP Fiori

  • Creating Extension project for a standard fiori Application
  • View Modification
  • View Extension
  • Controller Extension
  • Exercise on Simple Fiori Application Customization

Introduction to Mobile Application Development 

  • Introduction to Cordova
  • Integrating SAP UI5 Application into Cordova
  • Generating APK file
  • Installing the UI5 Application as a Mobile App
  • Practical exercise on creating a UI5 Mobile Application using Cordova

Mini Project using Split App

  • Dividing the screen into Master detail sections using Split App
  • Developing a Mini Project to cover end to end development



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