SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) Training

Overview of Enterprise Performance Management

  • EPM Solutions and the Software tools
  • Introduction to Concepts in Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Consolidation
  • Introduction to Scenario Based Planning

Overview of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

  • SAP BPC: Business User-Owned and managed
  • Unified Planning and Consolidation
  • SAP BPC for Netweaver Architecture
  • Introduction to SAP Netweaver BW Objects
  • Introduction to SAP BPC Objects

Designing a Model with SAP BPC

  • Case Study
  • Designing the Data Model in SAP Netweaver BW
  • Building the Model in SAP BPC
    • Environment Management
    • Dimension Management
    • Designing Models
    • Designing Security Model
  • Consulting Issues

Loading, Scheduling and Managing Data in SAP BPC

  • Loading Data from Source system to cube in SAP Netweaver BW
  • Loading Data from SAP Netweaver BW to SAP BPC
    • Creation of Transformation and Conversion File
    • Data Manager packages
    • Process Chains
    • Loading Master data from flat file into a dimension
    • Loading Master data from InfoObject into a dimension
    • Loading Hierarchy from an InfoObject into BPC dimension
    • Loading transaction Data from an Infocube into SAP BPC Model
    • Copying Data inside BPC Model
  • Consulting Issues

Reporting, Planning and Analysis in SAP BPC

  • Reporting and Analysis in SAP BPC
    • Introduction to SAP EPM Add-In interface for Excel
    • Creating Reports
    • Developing reports using dynamic templates
    • Developing reports using EPM Functions
    • Developing reports using EPM Retrieve Data Functions
    • Developing Rolling Forecast report
    • Developing Customized reports
    • Quick Links
    • Migration of EVDRE reports
    • Developing reports using the new API for EPM
    • Developing reports using SAP BPC web Client
  • Planning in SAP BPC using Input Forms
    • Standard templates for input forms
    • Developing an Input Form
    • Using EPM Save data function to save the Data
    • Drill-Through Feature
    • Integration with SAP BO Dashboard

Consulting Issues

  • Developing Business Logic in SAP BPC
    • Dimension Logic
    • Logic Scripts
    • Business Rules
    • Consulting Issues

Introduction to Business Functions

  • Currency Translations
  • Allocations
  • Using Badi’s to code logic
  • Validations
  • Controls
  • Consulting Issues

Process Management and Collaboration

  • Work Status
  • Comments
  • Distribution and Collection
  • Book Publishing
  • Integrating SAP BPC Data into Word and PowerPoint
  • Consulting Issues

Essential Tools for Building Models

  • Transporting SAP BPC objects
  • Concurrency Locking
  • Administration Parameters
  • Statistics
  • Audit
  • Documents
  • Journals
  • Consulting Issues

Business Process flow and Enhancements

  • Business Process flow
  • New Features for SAP Netweaver
  • Consulting Issues


Creating the Structures

  • Setting up Environments and Master Data
  • Creating Models for Consolidation
  • Creating Consolidation Logic

Preparing for Elimination

  • Importing Flat File and InfoCube Data
  • Configuring Balance Carryforward
  • Reclassifying Data
  • Using Consolidation Central
  • Setting up Journals
  • Translating Local Currency

Configuring Eliminations

  • Reviewing Ownership Terms and Concepts
  • Using the Ownership Manager
  • Eliminating Ownership – Purchase Method
  • Eliminating Ownership – Equity and Proportional Methods
  • Matching Intercompany
  • Eliminating Intercompany Receivables and Payables
  • Setting up Managerial Elimination (US)

Creating Controls and Business Process Flows

  • Using the Controls Monitor and Validating Data
  • Creating Consolidation Business Process Flows

Embedded Environment

  • Embedded Environment in SAP BPC
  • Building a Data Model in SAP BW
  • SAP BW Integrated Planning Prerequisites
  • Designing a Data Model in SAP BW

Designing an Application in SAP BW-IP

  • Designing a Planning Application
  • Aggregation Level
  • Filter
  • Planning Functions
  • Planning Sequence
  • Characteristic Relationships
  • Creating Input-Enabled Query for Planning
  • BEx Analyzer

Creating an Embedded Planning Application

  • Creating an Embedded Environment
  • Creating a Model
  • Creating a Web Input Form
  • Creating a Web Input Form Using the BPC EPM Add-in Interface
  • Managing an Embedded Environment
  • Enabling Audit
  • Work Status
  • Locking
  • Security
  • Transporting Embedded Environment Objects
  • Integrating Planning Functions with SAP HANA

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