SAP APO Training 

Course Description:

Introduction to ERP

  • ERP Concept
  • SAP ECC or R3
  • SAP Business Suite Architecture
  • APO Architecture
  • Supply Chain Management Concept
  • APO Architecture
  • APO Modules
  • APO Integration with SAP R/3 and BW/BI

Demand Planning Overview

  • Demand Management
  • Business Scenario
  • DP Integration with other APO modules

Administrative Workbench (SAP-BI)

  • Creation of Info Objects
  • Info Providers like Info Cube, DSO, and MultiProviders
  • Source System and Data Source
  • Extracting Sales data from ECC (R3), BW and Excel
  • Basics of Reporting
  • Loading History data from InfoCube to Planning Area

Demand Planning Configuration

  • Planning Object structures
  • Storage Bucket profile
  • Time Bucket profile
  • Planning Area

Characteristic Value Combinations

Planning Books and Macros

  • Planning Books and Data Views
  • Interactive Planning Functionalities
  • Selection Profile
  • Advanced Macros
  • Alerts-Forecasting Alerts and Macro Alerts

Aggregation and Disaggregation Calculation types

  • Proportional Factors
  • Time Based Proportional Factors

Forecasting Strategies

  • Univariate Forecast
  • Multi Linear Regression Forecast
  • Composite

Lifecycle Planning

  • Lifecycle Management
  • LIKE Modeling
  • Data Realignment
  • Copy

Promotion Planning

Mass Processing

  • Macro Calculation in the Background
  • Forecast in the Background
  • Release of DP data to SNP
  • Transfer of DP data to the R/3

Demand Planning Backup

Process Chains


  • Introduction to Architecture of Integration
  • RFC Connection
  • ECC Master Data
  • Transfer of Master Data
  • Initial & Change Transfers, Background
  • Model and Version Management
  • Transfer of Transaction Data
  • Monitoring & Handling CIF Errors
  • Comparison & Reconciliation Change Pointers


Overview of SNP

  • Supply Chain Planning Process
  • Role of SNP in APO Planning
  • Integration with execution system

Supply Network Design

Master data for SNP

  • Locations
  • Products
  • Resources
  • Calendars
  • Production process Models
  • Transportation Lanes
  • Lot size, SNP supply and Demand Profiles
  • Integration of APO master data and R/3

SNP Configuration

  • Planning Object structures
  • Planning Areas
  • Planning Books and Data Views
  • Macros
  • Integration with DP

The SNP Heuristic

  • Supply Planning and Sourcing
  • SNP Heuristic Run
  • Capacity Check
  • Capacity leveling

Capable to Match

  • CTM Process Overview
  • Master data for CTM and Configuration

Optimization in SNP

  • Optimization constraints
  • Costs for controlling the Optimizer
  • Configuration of SNP Optimizer

Safety Stock Planning

  • Safety stock planning in the network
  • Standard methods
  • Advanced methods


  • Distribution Planning Concept
  • Configuration of Deployment
  • Fair share and Push rules
  • Heuristic and Optimizer

Transport Load Builder (TLB)

  • Transportation Planning
  • TLB Configuration
  • TLB Run


Overview of Production

  • Introduction to PP/DS
  • Role of PP/DS

Master Data

Production Planning

  • Configuration
  • Planning Process
  • Heuristics
  • Net Requirement and Lot Size Calculation
  • Source Determination
  • PPM/PDS Explosion
  • Pegging
  • Setup Times
  • Integration with Shop Floor Control

Interactive Production Planning

  • Product View
  • Product Planning Table
  • Product Overview

Detailed Scheduling

  • Detailed Scheduling Board
  • Resource Planning Table

PP/DS Optimizer


Available to Promise Concept


  • Availability Check
  • Product Allocation


  • Configuration in ECC
  • Configuration in APO

Check Selection

  • Check Instructions

GATP Check Methods in APO

  • Product Availability Check
  • Check against Product Allocations
  • Check against Forecast
  • Rule Based Availability Check
  • Capable to Promise (CTP)
  • Multi ATP Check (MATP)

Back Order Processing

  • Interactive BOP
  • Back Ground BOP

Transportation Scheduling


Technical Aspects of APO

  • LiveCache Technology
  • LiveCache vs. Database
  • Authorizations for Planning Objects
  • Performance Tuning
  • Object Transportation

Project Scenarios

  • System Landscape
  • Implementation Methodologies
  • SAP Projects(Implementation,Support,Rollouts,Upgradation)
  • Real-time issues and Case study

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