Cognos Training 

Introduction :

COGNOS is a reporting tool that utilises data from CUFS to provide users with additional reports and options. This one hour master class is designed to get existing CUFS users going with the reporting tool. It covers everything they need to know to run a report successfully as well as a number of useful tips and shortcuts.

Course Description :

Overview of Business Intelligence

  • What is Business Intelligence
  • Importance & Uses of BI
  • Components of BI
  • Business Intelligence Roadmap

Overview of Data Warehousing

  • What is Data Warehouse
  • OLTP and OLAP systems
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Star Schema

Cognos 8 BI introduction

  • Cognos Architecture
  • Installation of Cognos 8 BI
  • Configuring Cognos 8 BI
  • Different studios in Cognos 8 BI

Cognos 8 BI Administration

  • Create and Modify Data Sources
  • Create Users, Roles and Groups
  • Define permission/security settings

Cognos Connection QuickTour

  • Navigation – Public and Private Folder
  • Scheduling – Report, format options
  • Create URL, Portals, Pages, Report views
  • Cognos Configuration, Content Store
  • Security setup and Deployment(import,export)

Cognos Query Studio

  • Introduction to Query Studio
  • Create Reports (List, Crosstab, Charts, Grouped List)
  • Report Layout and formatting
  • Sorting, Grouping & Subtotals
  • Applying Filters, Prompts & Calculations
  • Drill Through Reports
  • Run and Manage Reports

Cognos Analysis Studio

  • Introduction to Analysis Studio
  • Creating a basic Analysis
  • Insert data, Nest data
  • Exploring data
  • Change measure, Drill down
  • Insert a calculation, Sharing data

Cognos Report Studio

  • Introduction to Report Studio
  • Creating List, Crosstab, Chart, Repeater, Maps
  • Formatting Reports
  • Creating prompts, filters, calculations
  • Conditional formatting
  • Master detail and drill through reports
  • Report bursting
  • Setting Variables
  • Set operators
  • Report functions & Report validation

Cognos Framework Manager

  • Introduction to Framework Manager
  • (User Interface, Navigation, Objects, Metadata modeling)
  • Creating Model & Namespace (Layers)
  • Importing Metadata
  • Creating Query Subjects & Query Items
  • Creating Relationships & setting cardinalities
  • Verify model, publishing package
  • Add Business Rules & Set Governors
  • Assigning package level security
  • Calculations & Filters

Cognos Event Studio

  • Introduction to Event Studio
  • Creating Agents
  • Specify an Event Condition
  • Scheduling Agent

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